Elegant Intrigues
Edna Mays Isaac
Hand Carved Real Eggs!
Laced, Carved and Etched
Nature Collection
The visual world around us flows 
through these stunning eggs 
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Seasonal Collection
From lively holiday festivities 
to quiet intimate moments
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Religious Collection
Bibles, angels and candles
Sacred images from around the world
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Custom Collection
Portraits are only the beginning.  Your ideas
come to life in a one-of-a-kind work of art
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These collections let you browse through the 3 distinct types of eggs in the complete Elegant Intrigues inventory. The Small Collection consists of multi-colored chicken and pheasant eggs, the Goose Collection displays a wide assortment of what is easily the most popular of the Elegant Intrigues carved eggs and the Large Collection catalogues the unique presentation of colorfully oversized rhea, emu and ostrich eggs.
The gift of a lifetime
Perfect for collectors
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